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I’m a startup addict - I live, breathe and eat entrepreneurship day in and out. Whether it’s my own companies (one of which I was fortunate enough to sell to Verizon), advising rising stars or lending my time, ears and eyes to startups at the very beginning of their journey.

I see startups as a marathon and I have a unique ability to see the road ahead, the twists, turns and forks in the road ahead. Based on this clear vision I am able to help plot out strategies in business, marketing, partnerships and product - tying them all together neatly in an executable action plan from the very first mile to the finish line. (Is there ever really a finish line? :) )

I’m a natural born leader, a role I don’t take lightly. I see my teams as the greatest responsibility I’m given - providing the right balance of nurturing and nudging to get the best performance possible out of every single member - from Admins to C-Level.

I come to life when I’m on stage sharing thoughts, ideas and dreams. I have much to share with founders and business visionaries and the most exciting moment is when I see the spark in my eyes reflected in an audience member emphatic nod - and I know I have touched something in them.

I’ve been extremely fortunate with my career - and the 2 things that drive me are growing and giving. Both seeing how I can grow continuously myself while fostering growth in others. Being able to combine the two - giving my time to others and helping them grow is the most satisfying part of my life. Tony Robbins said “The Secret to Living is Giving” - that resonates with me in every fiber of my being.


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AKA what they say

Some people know how to give a good advice. Others like to help and and a few are real helpers that actually land a hand and work for you while trying to help.

It's rare to stumble across all these traits combined into one person. I was lucky enough to meet all these in Yoav.

Yoav is a great partner in our journey. Be it fundraising, connecting people, biz dev, product or leadership. He's always there, insightful, thoughtful, experienced and caring. I would strive to have someone like Yoav on my side anytime and anywhere.

Yoav Markiewicz Founder & CEO at MyHeroes

Yoav is an incredible mentor (and now also a friend), he is totally committed to improving my venture as if it is his own. Yoav is a great listener, he understands the stress of being a tech entrepreneur and he knows exactly how and when to give advice, so it has the most impact. One of the most remarkable things about him is practicality, he constantly thinks how he can help push the business forward by leveraging his knowledge and network.

By keeping me focused and accountable, yet providing an unbiased point of view, he provides me with a clear vision of where the business is going, defining what I want and where I want to be. His mentoring comes from his heart and he is passionate about it, he has unique insights and tremendous ability to connect with people where they really are at, inspiring and nurturing them to move in a positive direction. Yoav's vast experience in the tech arena lets him look and asses the whole picture. I am continually evolving and the business prospering with Yoav's help. I'm truly lucky to have Yoav on my side!

Uri Orpaz Founder & CEO at Selffer

Yoav mentored me as part of the 8200 EISP accelerator. During this time, Yoav made himself available to advise me on a weekly basis and whenever I had a need to consult him on any issue, big or small.

During our mentorship sessions, Yoav helped me re-define the core value of our product and transform our idea into a viable business model. Moreover, Yoav provided me with introductions to relevant individuals that proved to be invaluable, time after time. He is a great person to work with, and his dedication and approach towards helping entrepreneurs is something I learnt to appreciate.

I would recommend contacting Yoav for advice and mentorship to any entrepreneur looking to start a new business.

Roi Hirshberg Founder & CEO at Jammable

Yoav has mentored me during a tough period where nothing seemed to be going right. It was clear from the get-go, that Yoav knows what he’s talking about; he has been around the block, and then some - and he is eager to help others avoid some of the mistakes that he has experienced or seen throughout his career as an entrepreneur.

The stress entrepreneurs have to endure can be at times more than a person could bare on his own. For me, Yoav was a compassionate, positive, do-good soul, trying to help in every way he can. If you need someone to be there for you, Yoav’s your guy.

Yaron Rosenbaum Venture partner at Iris Capital

I met Yoav through a mutual friend. Although he didn't know me he was willing to meet quickly, in the meeting he gave a lot of insights from his own experience about my venture and about its future (in his eyes), and asked me to keep him informed, so he will be able to assist in the future, if possible.

He surely made a great impression as an experienced entrepreneur and as a person, and think he can bring a great value to early stage startups.

Amit Oestreicher Founder & CEO at Xtras

Yoav has been my mentor for the past four months and his impact on my startup is evident. His insight and brutal honesty has not always been easy to digest, but was crucial. Yoav was really good at putting a mirror in front of me and then giving tons of guidance and support to change what I didn't like. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to have a knowledgeable, direct, yet sensitive mentor like Yoav.

Keren Berler Co-Founder & CEO at Museloop

Yoav is a great advisor - sharp, honest and dedicated. He knows what it is to run a startup, well-connected and always asks the right questions. It's a pleasure to have Yoav as an advisor! One of a kind.

Michal Meiri Founder & CEO at Lemmeno

I met Yoav at an event, and we set a meeting to discuss Toonimo. Yoav has an impressive experience in enterprise sales, BD and entrepreneurship, and after telling him our story, Yoav gave me a few deep insights both about our sales tactic and overall strategy. His personal story inspired me, and I think anyone can learn a lot from him. I would recommend every entrepreneur about Yoav!

Ohad Rosen Co-Founder & CEO at Toonimo

Yoav is a real asset to any Founder or CEO of a startup. His experience as a serial entrepreneur was extremely helpful when I needed advice regarding product, scaling and fundraising. Yoav also opened doors and made some great introductions that helped us take GradTrain forward. I highly recommend Yoav as a startup mentor and advisor.

Jacob Bacon Co-Founder & CEO at GradTrain

I've been working with Yoav as a mentor at the 8200 EISP program during the last 3 years. As a repeated entrepreneur, he brings a lot of value to the table, while showing a lot of empathy to the founders difficulties and challenges.

Guy Katsovich Partner at Fusion LA


For meetings and deal flow inquires plesae email: maayan@ydegani.com